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VBC, we are global business for global brands, founded over 30 years ago. We lead in the manufacturing and distribution of packaging components for a wide variety of industries, including Household Cleaning, Personal Care, Hygiene, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries. We optimally solve your requirements for innovation, image, functionality and cost reduction.


In VBC we manufacture and distribute our products; both domestically and internationally. Our product lines include plastic caps, sprayers, dispensers, containers, jars; among other innovations. We have a total commitment to quality.

Our strengths enable us to provide innovation and functionality with the best prices and response times in the market.


To be a leading company in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing of Packaging Components in Mexico, United States of America, Canada, Central and South America for the consumer goods production industry. We will achieve this through efficiency in our operations, allowing us to reach and surpass quality levels demanded by the most discerning customers

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